Meet the Robinsons

The Robinson family came to Loaves and Fishes during COVID-19. Although the father worked very hard, he wasn’t making enough money to make ends meet.

As we got to know this family it was clear that these parents were unified in their desire to give their children more opportunities than what they had. Growing up in Kinlock was hard. Jimmy and Talisha Robinson knew that their opportunities there were limited.

After seeing the effort of this family, we decided to enroll them in a pilot program that would relocate the Robinson family and place them in a community that would provide different types of opportunities than what they were used to. Not only did we need a community, but a relocation like this would require a support team that could help the Robinsons with housing stability.

We couldn’t have been happier than when Mayor Mike Clement, Manchester Missouri, and the Manchester Cares Team stepped up to help. They opened up their community to our family, introduced us to their faith leaders, and connected us with landlords in the Manchester/Ballwin area.

Through a strong, patient, collaborative effort, we are pleased to announce that this family has a new life in Manchester. Good Shepard Lutheran Church was excited to be a part of this pilot and is the housing stability team. 

We would like too that YOU, Mayor Mike Clement and the Manchester Care Team, Gary Hoefferkamp Realtor, and Good Shepard Lutheran Church for giving this family a new life. We couldn’t have done this without you!!