We offer a light of hope and encouragement to those who feel lost and scared.


A simple act that makes a profound impact on the emotional well-being of others.


Everyone deserves the right to be heard, regardless of financial or social status.


We honor the character and inherent value of each person.


We hold ourselves accountable to our partners and clients by providing sound stewardship principles and policies to all resources that benefit those in need.


We teach others how to take control of their life and future.

Jimmy* and his son King* enjoying a summer field trip to Six Flags
Shaquita* and her family are all smiles to move into their new home

Interim Housing Program

Emergency Shelter – provides comprehensive services that help break the cycle of homelessness and offer hope for a better tomorrow

Food Pantry & Assistance Programs

Food Pantry – Providing services to senior citizens and low-income families and individuals

Rental and Utility Assistance Program – Keeping families and individuals out of homelessness.

Prevention Qualification Form – Get pre-qualified for rental and utility assistance.

Outreach Services

Outreach Services– Provides direct access to housing services for individuals currently living on the streets.

The Wilson* family getting the housing voucher for Veterans.
Jump Camp fun thanks to St. Louis Family Church
*names have been changed to protect the identity of the family

Loaves and Fishes offers uplifting and supportive services that empower our clients to become financially secure and have a stable home.

You too can help us empower our community!

Our Partners