About Us


When the first homeless man knocked on our doors at 2750 McKelvey Rd. our founder Dr’s Donald C and Dorothy M. Femmer took him into their kitchen without question. There he was given a tomato sandwich and heart felt conversation. When he left our founders made a promise that no person would ever leave this property hungry. Now 34 years later, what was once a small food pantry and makeshift shelter provides food for over 7000 people and houses over 250 individuals (over 100 are children).


In 1981 Loaves and Fishes began its closet food pantry serving the needy and homeless in Maryland Heights. Since this day and through out our history it has been the goal of Loaves and Fishes to serve the needy and the poor. For 15 years Loaves and Fishes functioned as the only homeless shelter for men in St. Louis County, serving more then 700 individuals during this time. More recently as a result of social-economical issues Loaves and Fishes converted to a shelter for women and children. In the midst of a housing crisis in St. Louis County, Loaves and Fishes has expanded not only its shelter bed space, now able to serve up to 29 women and children, but its food pantry as well. Senior Citizens, those on disability and low-income families now have our food pantry available to them five days a week. Food pantry families, among others, are also eligible for various holiday programs including our special Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets. Easter baskets, gifts at Christmas times, and back-to-school supplies are also made available to the children of a great many families, as well as residents of our shelter, through the programs at Loaves and Fishes made possible by the contributions of those who find themselves more fortunate than others.

In 2016 Loaves and Fishes again expanded it’s series to meet the growing demands of homelessness but now serving families with minor children.